Acrylic(PMMA) honeycomb panel
PC Honeycomb Panel
Aluminum honeycomb panel
Translucent Panel Series
Kingpoly (plastic sheet with MDF composite panel)
Sancore (translucent honeycomb panels) for indoor and outdoor decoration include: office, hotel, bar, television, exhibitions, shopping malls, store shelf production, commercial booths, set construction and a variety of major events (such as: television, theater, fashion Show models and indoor and outdoor advertising units) of accessories and furniture making, etc., do flat-panel use can also be produced according to customer demand a wide range of arc, Sancore plate light, construction is simple, the product can expand to applications such as: sliding doors, lighting boards, partitions, tables, floors, reception, lounge and office, shelves, ceiling technology, high-profile floors, screens, furniture, building facades, indoor and outdoor art and lighting systems and so on. Mainly reflected out from the same unique light transmission effect is incomparable with other decorative materials of one kind of new environment-friendly light transmission ban, in order to better improve the environment for the National home life, the product of the interview our country new decorative materials in the excel on the world stage the competitiveness of made an outstanding contribution!
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